We believe there is a better way to buy clothing

Our story

Styled with authenticity

  Kolifleur came to fruition through the creativity and forward-thinking of our founder, Eva Koolen. She realised there was an alternative to the way people shopped – a circular model where those with high-quality unwanted clothing could sell their items, generating unique buying options at more accessible price points, for those wanting to express their individuality. And so, Kolifleur was born.

Quality and individuality over fast fashion trends

A relaxed and creative space in the beautiful Jordaan area of Amsterdam

In with the old, out with the new

  It is our belief that a conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. We offer carefully selected high-end secondhand garments in our gallery, giving clothing a new lease of life at more affordable prices than when bought new.

Kolifleur is driven by quality over quantity and personal style over fast fashion trends

Our founders

Eva Koolen


    With an academic background in law, Eva’s creativity and passion for distinctive, quality clothing led to the conception of Kolifleur. Upon graduating from the Uva in 2014, Eva opened the doors to the Kolifleur store in De Pijp, where it remained for two and a half years.   In 2017, with the mission to stimulate re-use and consumer awareness, Eva made the decision to close the store and focus her energy on growing Kolifleur. This revealed the need to expand to a new location and bring in a new business partner who could share structural and financial expertise, and so Berit joined the Kolifleur team.   eva@kolifleur.com

Berit van Olphen


    Also with experience heavily rooted in law, Berit has worked at three separate law firms as well as De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek since graduating in 2008. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Berit had always wanted to work independently and held a strong desire for quality clothing.   And so, although an established professional in her field, Berit followed her passion and joined the Kolifleur team in 2018, where she now applies her expertise to the business and analytical side of things. Together with Eva, Berit is excited to expand Kolifleur into its next stage as a brand.   berit@kolifleur.com